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Born a poor street urchin, I quickly learned that, while most believe in ‘only the strong survive,’ a more accurate idiom is ‘only the really really ridiculously good looking survive.’ This mantra has carried me through my life, from the pits of Moria, to the heights of the Misty Mountains. But most importantly, after years of clawing my way up the ladders of success and procrastination, it’s led me here, to the Shire, to my new home.

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I suck at bios, ummm help?

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sloths are awesome


Awesomeness too high control

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Time flies like arrows

Fruit flies like a banana

This is not a haiku

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I’m Shire Dad, resident style guru and co-creator of this website. I’d say I’m pretty cool, and chances are you are too. Let’s be friends.

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Well, you found me. Congratulations. But was it worth it?

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My life ambition is to discover one equation that governs the entire universe...nbd

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I grew up doing garage engineering for fun. I spend most of my free time at MITERS doing silly electric go karts, tesla coils, or other funny electo/mechanical projects.

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One of the creators of the shire website, I enjoy playing spades, league, volleyball, and frisbee in my free time. I hate waking up early (or even at a reasonable hour).

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I’ll think of something soon

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Also something about guitars and skiing and piano and computers

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Untitled We Stand (where my Bio stands for now)

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I like to play piano, write code, and play spades.

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Bio(logy). I also enjoy Comp Sci, Lacrosse, and hanging with the halflings of this here shire.

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There once was a woman named Erin

Who was always super carin'

She watched the Shire boys

And put up with their toys

Even when vuvuzelas were blarin'

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Insert Bio here: ...... (real original I know!)

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I’m bad at bios...

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I like planes and boba.

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Resident premed

Loves travel, cooking, art, and

of course, the Shire :)

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I am my bio

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Hi, I'm Josh, Welcome to my bio!

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Kathryn once lived on a farm

She never did anyone harm

She was super smart

And so good at art

And won everyone over with charm

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Currently on adventure, and as such the Shire had to let him go on temporary leave. Will be back with more board games to appease them. Don’t mind company, so if you happen to find me, say hi!

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next house best house

Written by Raymond Wu, Christopher Womack, and Sophie Mori